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Strange Wilds "Wet" 7"

Image of Strange Wilds "Wet" 7"


May this recording bear witness to both an interment and an exhumation; during the rites of which, the object of fetish, soaking in the excrement of expired dogmas of the past, is suddenly struck by lightning as the deceased one writhes until the onlookers are sure that it'll dance again; But what appears to take place is only a distraction to the eyes and ears, while the waters turn to vapor and transform into an invisible yet mercurial poltergeist - a Death which will surely follow us home, waiting to manifest in the hearts of those who fear Change, to chase them over the edge and into the abyss in an act of Love by order of True Will. For Death is an adherent of Change, as shown in the cards they are both one and the same. In order to live to see tomorrow, one must Die daily.

Olympia, Washington's STRANGE WILDS debut with this 4-song EP, ushering in a whirlwind of neck breaking rhythms laced with stop-on-a-dime tempo changes and nausea induced howls. Comprising of members from previous acts such as Sixes, Cult Ritual, Outlook and others, STRANGE WILDS continues the onslaught and doesn't hesitate to deliver their first lethal blow to fracture the collective skull of what today may be arbitrarily referred to as "Hardcore Punk", leaving you in a delirious frenzy, sorting through the unrecognizable pulp to pick up the fragments like Jackie Kennedy in the moments of denial just before the heartbreak set in. Don't be an idiot. Just let it go. Recorded and engineered by the careful hand of Capt. Trips Bridlington with artwork executed in house by Dan Rossiter, the record comes in a full color tri-panel fold with insert.

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